Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Burras en Guayanilla / Cruisers in Guayanilla

Lo que dice el título. El pueblo de Guayanilla está repleto de burras y tricicletas, aunque ayer no encontré ninguna tricicleta para tomarle fotos. Pude retratar estas dos burras. En la plaza de Ponce ví un hombre sobre una burra que parecía ser totalmente cromeada pero se me escapó mientras tiraba otra foto de larga exposición./ What the title says. The town of Guayanilla is full of cruiser bicycles, and that includes tricycles, although I didn't spot any tricycles yesterday, I only snapped a picture of these two bikes. In the town of Ponce I spotted a man upon what appeared to be a full chrome cruiser, but he got away before I could snap a picture of him, I was busy taking another picture (long exposure).

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