Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simply Bloom - Tandem Romance

I have been following the girls of Simply Bloom Photography for over a year when a friend first recommended them to me because I was covering my first wedding. They are truly talented and every time I see their tender images I fall in love all over again with their work. I decided to put up a few photographs of a Love Story they did with a couple and their tandem bicycle, absolutely stunning. Hope you enjoy, pay the girls a visit, there's a whole lot more where that came from.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Riding Into Danger

This past Friday morning, Metropolitan Puerto Rico was burning up after a Gulf Gasoline Refinery blew up at 12.20am. I'm a photojournalist student so I was thinking about going straight to the explosion to get coverage, it was far away even though this photo below is exactly what could be seen from home, but apparently everybody had already gotten in their cars and gone to see, so there was a huge traffic jam, a friend suggested I should go on my bike, but then there was news about gas lines under the street that were also most likely to explode, so I cowered. But apparently my friend didn't. Well actually I don't know if he actually went on his bike, he lives pretty close to the explosion, but well there is a pretty bicycle in his photograph. The fire was extinguished today Sunday about 12 o'clock midday.

This is the view from my house.

This is the photograph my friend took closer to the fire.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beauty and The Bike

This is the trailer for a British based documentary from the organization, Beauty and The Bike, girls fighting for more bike paths away from traffic transit, also wants to inspire other girls to do the same. It's a great idea, when we're next to traffic we are in more danger. Often I contemplate going somewhere on my bike, but then I think about the traffic, and how difficult enough that road is even in a vehicle. Making bicycle paths to get to points of interests would be a great solution.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Growing up in Florida I would ride my bike to school 1.5 miles, which isn't much, to school everyday. I loved the wind in my face, I even loved that I could barely breath on cold mornings. On rare occasions I had to have my mother pick me up on the account of I wasn't feeling very well, leaving my bike all alone at the post, I would demand my mother take me to school to pick up my bike. Upon moving to Puerto Rico, my school was about 15 miles rich in topography away from home, there weren't many sidewalks were I lived, for the love of me I can't even remember one. So I didn't ride my bike as much, sometimes in my backyard,
(I barely had friends, I was sour and pissed I had to leave Florida), so I would jump at the opportunity to go to a close living classmates house to do homework, an excuse! get my bike out. Then came University and Work and I kind of forgot all about it. I would ride my bike occasionally (about 5 times every 6 months), But I've been thinking about taking this up again, I've gotten my train bike pass and have asked for permission to use the bike post at my university, and hopefully taking Tilly to work on Sundays. Now for some cycling music...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's Begin

Hey! Jeighmee here,so I decided, with the encouragement of Shelly at Riding Pretty, to open my own blog about cycling as an alternative method of transport in Puerto Rico. I don't know if it's just me but it's pretty hard to achieve this in Puerto Rico, lots of up's and down's and owning a cruiser doesn't make it any easier. I own a Mountain Bike and recently my boyfriend bought me a blue Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser, I only rode the Mountain Bike at parks for riding or walking but the Cruiser is for so much more, so I decided I would start going to work on Sundays with the Cruiser, on weekdays I work late and I don't deem it very safe for me to be on a bicycle at 11.30pm on my way home. Tomorrow morning first thing I'll try to get a permit for taking my bicycle on the train and check out if my university owns a bike post, also I have found a group in Puerto Rico that actually gets together at my University the last Fridays of the month to just cruise around on their bikes, I hope I don't have to work on the 30th, I really want to meet them and ride along. Till next time!!!

BTW: I want to name my Cruiser, I'm between Margot or Tilly, what do you think? I'm in the process of customizing, she had a black saddle and complete black grips.