Sunday, October 25, 2009

Riding Into Danger

This past Friday morning, Metropolitan Puerto Rico was burning up after a Gulf Gasoline Refinery blew up at 12.20am. I'm a photojournalist student so I was thinking about going straight to the explosion to get coverage, it was far away even though this photo below is exactly what could be seen from home, but apparently everybody had already gotten in their cars and gone to see, so there was a huge traffic jam, a friend suggested I should go on my bike, but then there was news about gas lines under the street that were also most likely to explode, so I cowered. But apparently my friend didn't. Well actually I don't know if he actually went on his bike, he lives pretty close to the explosion, but well there is a pretty bicycle in his photograph. The fire was extinguished today Sunday about 12 o'clock midday.

This is the view from my house.

This is the photograph my friend took closer to the fire.

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