Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Growing up in Florida I would ride my bike to school 1.5 miles, which isn't much, to school everyday. I loved the wind in my face, I even loved that I could barely breath on cold mornings. On rare occasions I had to have my mother pick me up on the account of I wasn't feeling very well, leaving my bike all alone at the post, I would demand my mother take me to school to pick up my bike. Upon moving to Puerto Rico, my school was about 15 miles rich in topography away from home, there weren't many sidewalks were I lived, for the love of me I can't even remember one. So I didn't ride my bike as much, sometimes in my backyard,
(I barely had friends, I was sour and pissed I had to leave Florida), so I would jump at the opportunity to go to a close living classmates house to do homework, an excuse!...to get my bike out. Then came University and Work and I kind of forgot all about it. I would ride my bike occasionally (about 5 times every 6 months), But I've been thinking about taking this up again, I've gotten my train bike pass and have asked for permission to use the bike post at my university, and hopefully taking Tilly to work on Sundays. Now for some cycling music...

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